June 2020 | Participate in our Under-18s Lockdown Exhibition at the Gibberd Gallery

Meriel Clarke, our 2020 Sculpture Town Artist In Residence (STAIR) has created a kit inspired by the 1960s Mail Art movement for children to work on during lockdown, at home, or in school. All the works will go on display as a record of this time and as part of her exhibition at the Gibberd Gallery in November. The activity is suitable for all ages, and the kit comes with free materials and postage back to us.

To participate, all you or your parent or carer needs to do is email us at gallery@harlowarttrust.org.uk with your name, your age and the address you want your kit to come to. We have a limited number at the moment and we will distribute them on a first-come-first-served basis. If we get more requests than we have kits, we will consider printing more so please do register your interest and share with friends and colleagues.

The STAIR project is delivered in partnership with the Royal College of Art, Pearson Education and the Public Monuments and Sculpture Association.